The New Website for The Medical Negligence Experts Is Here

The day has arrived; the new website for our consumer facing brand The Medical Negligence Experts is now live! Months of hard work and investment has gone into the new site, which we believe will help us to generate more leads and help more people than ever.

There has been a £100k investment in this project and the upcoming The Compensation Experts brand refresh, which we will share shortly.

How we Created the New Website

There were three main aspects that we focused on in the design and build of the new website; brand narrative, technology, and website design.

Brand Narrative

One of the things we wanted to do was to create a brand narrative for the site. We wanted to do this to create the best website and user experience as we could for our customers. We held focus groups and asked brand narrative questions to help achieve this. This also helped us to identify our target audience. We feel this is key to understanding our customers and therefore doing the best we can to help them.


We also used advanced technology to create a better user experience for the site. Within the build the main push is to create faster loading pages by making sure the theme is designed in a bespoke fashion. By doing this we can take advantage of using a content management system while keeping the download of code to display the site to a minimum. Speed is a large factor in Google’s ranking algorithm alongside mobile and our new site allows ease of use for mobile users. It does this by allowing the click targets to be clearer and larger so that the user is not frustrated.


We worked with an agency to help create the new look of the site. The visual aesthetic design has been considered, with the pink elements of the site being much more visually striking in order to invite the user to click and convert more readily. The clickable elements are more prominent for easier navigation and to reduce the thinking time of the user, therefore converting more enquiries into leads. This investment was important as we want the customers to have the best experience in choosing The Medical Negligence Experts to help with their claim.

How our investments in the new website can help your law firm

Here at mmadigital, we want to help as many people as we can. That is why we invest in new technology and design when we refresh our brands. The life that our new website will breathe into the brand will help us deliver more high-quality leads to your law firm. We will do this through the user experience we have created, and the use of technology and design. Contact us today to book a demo of our lead generation platform and see how we can help your law firm get the highest number of the best quality cases in the market.