Legal Customer Generation

mmadigital provides a scalable source of different types of new enquiries to law firms throughout the UK. Our technology and industry-leading cross-channel marketing teams help connect active customers/claimants with law firms looking to increase case acquisition, providing qualified leads directly to firms on a regular basis.

Through a range of solutions, presented below, you can have access to new customers actively seeking immediate assistance in these areas, delivered to you following a robust vetting process. All solutions comply fully with relevant industry bodies and legislation, including the FCA.

View our current propositions below. We have an ROI Planning Forecast tool, built in-house, where we can model the volumes of enquiries you are looking to acquire together with the associated costs and return on monthly investment you can expect to achieve.

Personal Injury
Regular supply of EL, PL, OL & RTA enquiries hotkey transferred to you following robust qualification process.

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Clinical Negligence
Cost effective acquisition of all types of medical negligence claims, delivered instantly, vetted, or medically screened

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Contested Probate
Providing law firms with regular enquiries relating to disputes over wills, trusts and inheritance.

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Industrial Disease
Delivery of industrial disease claim enquiries, following robust screening.

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Let us do the hard work for you

Our in-house specialist contact centre actively pursues each enquiry, that will have come to us through a variety of sources and communication channels, then undertakes robust qualification to deliver high-quality enquiries delivered to you in your office hours. Thus, saving significant resource requirements in your firm to filter through large volumes of raw enquiries. Why not contact us for a quick demo to find out more…

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