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We provide law firms throughout England & Wales with a consistent supply of Employer Liability, Public Liability, Occupier Liability & RTA injury-related enquiries, which have been robustly vetted by our in-house dedicated enquiry capture & qualification team. Our model has been approved as fully LASPO / MOJ compliant, previously regulated by the CMR and now by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Find out the benefits of a marketing collective here.

Our personal injury marketing collective website, The Compensation Experts, utilises our intelligent lead generation platform to provide high-value enquiries to member firms with a greater propensity to turn into cases. There are well-known mid-sized law firms, in England & Wales signed up to this collective, benefiting from better quality enquiries than they have been able to achieve either on their own or through Claims Management Companies. With over three years of data, our platform is finely tuned to attract and deliver better quality enquiries to law firms throughout the UK.

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Our disruptive platform allows us to use real-time lead conversion data to create algorithms. These continuous learning algorithms place ads on digital channels in the most efficient positions, on the best performing times and days of each week in real-time. Thus, giving us efficiencies and accuracy like no other in the market. Book a free demo to find out more…

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We use specialist technology and expertise to generate thousands of enquiries via search engines, social media, TV, radio and many other marketing channels via unique targeting – utilising panel firm feedback in our Lead Management Portal. With the average personal injury pay-per-click price rising more than 257% since we launched this marketing collective in 2016, member firms of our digitally intelligent technology collective benefit from economies of scale, meaning their cost-per-case is lowered.

The current cost-per-click price for PI keywords such as ‘personal injury claim’, ‘personal injury lawyer’ and ‘injury claim’ can range up to £50 and has increased by 257% since 2016. 10% of our personal injury Facebook leads convert into enquiries and have an 18% conversion rate for chatbot enquires since launching in March.

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Future proofing our PI panel against upcoming reforms

mmadigital has been working hard over the past 3 years to establish our brand ‘The Compensation Experts’ within the claims market, ensuring it’s future proofed by utilising our intelligent lead generation platform to provide high-value PI enquiries to member firms with a greater propensity to turn into cases. In fact, since January 2019, to prepare for the challenges of the PI reforms, we are now delivering a much higher proportion of Employer Liability enquiries and minimal RTA.


Over the past 12 months, mmadigital has scaled rapidly and we now deliver more qualified enquiries per slot at a lower price than our nearest competitor. According to the Health and Safety Executive, there has been a long-term downward trend of non-fatal injuries to employees since 2000, with 31% of accidents reported by employers due to slips, trips or fall accidents. The three most common causes of fatal injuries in 2018/19 continue to be; workers falling from height (40%), being struck by a moving vehicle (30%) and being struck by a moving object (16%), accounting for nearly 60% of fatal injuries in 2018/19.

To combat the challenges of the PI reforms we focus on driving a high proportion of Employer Liability enquiries and our accident type transfers split for 2019 has averaged 55% EL, 35% PL/OL and 10% RTA.

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We are currently offering a number of trials for The Medical Negligence Experts, The Compensation Experts and The Inheritance Experts panels – get in touch today.

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