medical negligence claims during the pandemic

Medical Negligence Claims During the Pandemic

Here at mmadigital, our customer facing brand The Medical Negligence Experts have seen the effect the pandemic has had on healthcare services as well, if not more than everyone else. Whilst we all appreciate the NHS and the incredible work they do for us, life-changing mistakes are still being made unfortunately. That is why we have continued helping people make medical negligence claims during the pandemic, as we have still seen people suffering due to the negligence of others.

Medical Negligence During the Pandemic

We have seen huge numbers of cancer screenings being missed due to lockdowns and restrictions. Recently, the BBC reported that thousands of women were not being told that their unborn babies had serious medical conditions, despite them being picked up on the scans, at studios that sell private ultrasound scans. Examples such as this are why we have continued to help people despite the pandemic.

Due to our continued work in SEO and organic enquiries, we have been able to ensure that we have still been helping the people who are still looking to claim despite the pandemic. This also means that our leads have been of the highest quality possible, which is something that we always aim to have.

Medical Negligence Claims During the Pandemic

We understand that there is a stigma surrounding medical negligence claims during the pandemic, which increased at the height of the pandemic. However our goal to help people is still important, which is why we have carried on helping as many people as we can, and our numbers have been increasing due to this.

Despite the stigma surrounding making medical negligence claims, we are still performing in the market, and helping as many people as possible. This is due to the partnership of our lead generation platform and our dedicated contact centre team, who, as well as having thorough training to ensure they are vetting enquiries using the robust system, are also empathetic and understanding to our clients. This helps us to onboard clients and reassure them, which in turn helps our panel of law firms.

What We Are Doing here at mmadigital

Here at mmadigital, we know that the most important thing is quality of leads. The investments we make ensure that we deliver the highest number of the best quality leads. The leads we deliver go through a robust vetting process, which gives us the highest conversion rate possible. This shows that, with mmadigital, you will be getting the best return on investment, as we constantly strive to make sure our leads are the best quality.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, contact us directly to arrange an online demonstration of our lead generation platform.