YouTube – what you should know

February 21, 2012 12:44 pm

Did you know that every minute one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube? With 800 million viewers alone last month YouTube can be a key asset to your business.

There are over 3 billion YouTube videos watched every single day. So why aren’t you using video? Consider your audience, think about how YouTube could aid your business.

If you think that YouTube could be a portal for your business (which it most certainly could) here are the top five things you need to keep in mind:

1. Get creative

Imagine that your video could go viral. Be creative, inventive and don’t be afraid. Your YouTube video should give people something to really talk about.

2. Grab attention

You should try and grab your viewers attention within the first 15 seconds. Fail to do so and you might lose them.

3. Shout about it

Let those that write blogs know about your video. You can send them a short message and a link to your video. YouTube originally took off because sharing and embedding links was in its simplest form. Encourage the bloggers and those who write about your industry to share your video.

4. SEO

You can optimise your videos too. Research the keywords for your industry and include them in the titles, descriptions and the title tags. That way the search engines will be more likely to pick it up.

5. Data

YouTube offers a free analytics tool, use it. It is key to helping you know more about the power of your video. That way you will know what to do more of or less of next time!

YouTube is another social media form that can really add power, creativity and excitement to your business. Video will give your brand, service or company another dimension and medium to utilise. Don’t leave it out!

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