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September 7, 2011 9:40 pm

If you are using videos to promote your business, mmadigital advise that optimisation just like SEO for websites is vitally important for your video to be found.  As YouTube is the prime location for video publication you should think seriously about how you ensure your video ranks high in the viewing stakes.

mmadigital recommend the following tips for getting your videos seen and of course are always on hand to facilitate these for you.

Make sure your titles include key words which relate to the content of the video.  Your principle keywords should also appear in the file name you give your video.  Remember there is a restriction to the number of characters within YouTube searches of 60 characters.

More keywords and phrases should be included in your description when you list your video.  Although again only a limited number of characters – between 50 and 70 – show in YouTube searches there is some evidence that even parts of the description not visible count.  Mymarketing AID would always suggest you write up to five sentences for your description even if they aren’t all visible.

As with other SEO make sure you add relevant tags again linked to your most important keyword.

External links are also important for optimisation especially if they link to social media.  Again these links help to make your video more visible in the searches.

YouTube themselves are intent on trying to make videos they deem engaging more visible.  They use visitor time profiles to assess this, taking into account the time a video is viewed for and at what point visitors stopped watching.

In brief here are some of the factors YouTube take into account:
• The number of viewings within a set time frame; obviously the more the video is viewed the higher the ranking
• Comments from visitors
• Appearance in YouTube user’s playlists
• Positive rating from viewers
• Frequent postings in blogs

Thumbnail optimisation is also an interesting way to be sure of capturing an on-going audience.  Your preview image is selected by YouTube and mmadigital can help you edit your video so that you have some control over which image is picked.

If all of this seems too complicated and daunting or you would like some input from mmadigital please give us a call or send us an email.  We can help not only with the production of your video but also with its optimisation.

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