Why your digital marketing strategy should be as strong as the presidential campaigns…

November 6, 2012 10:37 am

Today sees arguably the most important decision for the American, if not the worlds, economy this year – the presidential election. In past elections we have seen some fantastic techniques used towards the marketing of parties campaigns, and the Barack Obama / Mitt Romney battle this year is no exception. It may sound bizarre initially, but on observing these events closely, we can open up a world of ideas for your digital campaign. From the initial attention grabbing speeches and heated debates, to the conversion of receiving a vote, the two campaigns work in a parallel manner. See below a few things we can take away from both parties, in their approach to outwitting their rival and obtaining the final conversions!

Proven Results

I heard Mitt Romney mention recently his “proven results” within a speech to his audience. It’s true, as clients or voters, we all want to know that the professional we are opting to follow, or use, has a track record of achieving positive, successful results. In your digital campaign, we can do this by displaying case studies of past client work, to show potential customers that you have the worthy skills to carry out work for their business. Keeping your “fanbase” up to date through your news-feed and social networks, especially on your latest projects, is also an important factor, as with the candidate speeches, to show that you are constantly working on improving the services to your clientele.

Backing from your followers

It’s always important to show that your clients, as with the presidential campaign, back what your business achieves for them. Always ensure you ask your clients for testimonials or reviews on your services, so that you can display them to the potential clients. Take last night for example, with the closing speeches – Obama opted for appearances from well-known American celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z, to boost his image and communicate with a variety of audiences. Knowing that you are well backed, especially with high end clients, ensures that the potential customer trusts, favours and shares your company with others.

Look the part

Ever seen Mitt or Barack’s appearance falter during the election period? I thought not. It’s the same with your business – a beautiful website, responsively coded and backed up with a consistently branded social networking package is a key way to keep the attention of the user.


PPC and video creep into the equation here. Ensure that your campaign is well advertised, connects with your audience and captures their lasting attention. PPC is a great way to swiftly increase the interest in your businesses website. This, combined with some high end video footage, showing your appealing services can achieve amazing results for your business.

Take a varied approach

Finally, it’s important to appeal to a range of audiences. Yes, your company may have a key focal point, but it’s vital that your campaign covers all angles and you don’t isolate any possible leads. E-marketing is a great way to get your campaign out there, and like the presidential television broadcasts, gives you the opportunity to cover a range of topics, services and plans.

Well, I hope the above helped you think about your digital campaigns performance and gave you a few ideas on how it can be improved for the better! I hope to see your company on top of the world very soon. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions on our services, just drop me a line on james@mmadigital.co.uk and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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