Why you need to use Google +

January 19, 2012 6:04 pm

Mymarketing Aid knows how important Google+ is to business.  We advise all businesses who haven’t, to get themselves a Google + page now.  Google+ is growing bigger by the day with over 1 million pages receiving over 5 billion visits every day.  Think how much business that could mean for you.

Internet Marketing ManchesterSearching with the plus symbol before your brand name will automatically direct searchers to your Google+ page.  Google show you how: +YouTube.

Mymarketing AID recommend Google+ because

1. Just having a profile on Google + immediately raises your search engine ranking on Google organically.  As Google has 80% of the search engine market that’s good enough reason

2. When your customers ‘like’ you on Google+ that immediately makes a difference to online search results shunting you higher up the rankings

3. With Google+ the ability to segment your followers using the circle app means you can target your marketing to different sectors of your followers

4. Creating hangouts and group video chats is another way to interact with your followers.  Making short videos about your business and asking for their input will engage with them whilst showing transparency about your business

5. Using Ripple to analyse who visits and says what about your brand gives you the analysis you need to see that your marketing is on target

We also recommend that you renew and add copy to your account regularly so that (1) you don’t lose followers and (2) to keep your rankings high.  Our team of social media experts at Mymarketing AID can help you build your brand’s online status.  Give us a call today to discuss how we can help 0161 452 0311.

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