Why video is a sound investment

April 2, 2013 9:00 am

Nowadays having a website, a Twitter account, a Facebook account and a blog is simply not enough. Gone are the days where you could simply hand out a marketing leaflet or a flyer. Your customers want to see more.

And what better way to show them more than with a video. 2013 is the year for video, and mmadigital have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to help create the ultimate video for your brand. You only have to see our showreel to feel inspired. But, if you are still a little unsure then here are a few reasons why you should make video a part of your marketing plan this year.

Here we are

Video helps people to find you. It is as simple as that. YouTube is the highest used search engine, second only to Google. By uploading your video to YouTube you will automatically help boost your SEO.


Video is a great call-to-action. By having a video on your website you will be able to encourage your customers to get in contact in a way that words can’t. You can show your history, your work, what you do and just how well you do it through the powers of video.

PR machine

A video is a great PR tool. Whether you are sending out press releases or want to share recent events or successes, a video is the perfect way to do so. You can show this to potential customers by simply sending them an email or directing them to your YouTube channel. Impressive stuff.

So make video your investment this year and watch your business grow.

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