Why mobile works better for law firms

January 29, 2013 11:42 am

Picture your average day. When you have a spare five minutes, whether on the train, in a taxi or waiting for a meeting to start, what are you doing? Chances are you have your smartphone in your hand, or your tablet on your lap, and you are searching. Searching for a holiday, the contact number of a restaurant or maybe you are doing a spot of online shopping.

So what makes your clients any different to you?

More and more people are buying smartphones and tablets than PC’s these days. So when you are discussing the latest website update or putting together some additional changes consider your audience.

How are they browsing? How are they accessing information? The answer is, through mobile devices. Mobile is so often a mere after thought. But it should be the thought at the front of your mind.

Make it mobile

As a legal firm you need to do all you can to be at the touch of a button. Accessible via any device that your client is using. Check out your competition. What are they doing? Are they there already? If so, then they are already ahead of the curve. If not, then you could get there before them.

Your clients are already there. They are already going about their daily lives using their mobile devices. They are shopping, browsing, searching and downloading. Being a law firm doesn’t mean you should get left behind. But it does mean that if you are not accessible via mobile, you could find yourself ignored by your clients.

It is time to be where your clients are. If your website is not mobile responsive then now is the time to do something about it.

When was the last time you bought a PC? Now think of the last time you bought a tablet or a smartphone. It really is that simple. It is time to be at their fingertips…not waiting for them to get home when the moment has passed.

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