Why Facebook’s new timeline is great for your brand

March 15, 2012 9:24 am

As you have probably already seen there have been many changes to Facebook. The launch of the timeline is soon to be a feature that brands can utilise. The new Facebook makeover shows your profile page as a timeline, with key events, photos and dates that are significant to you. It also puts Facebook in a landscape view as opposed to the portrait style that we have grown accustomed to. This means that images and dates are far more visible.

Putting the design to one side, the timeline actually has some great new features that will help brands.


The timeline enables brands to get personal. The geo-targeting feature means that you can send out a promotion to a specific store of yours to people in that area. It is no longer mass marketing, but more focused and localised marketing.


Each page owner will be able to see their admin panel at a quick glance. This will highlight how many likes, messages and comments are on each page. Brands will now be able to send private messages to their users and engage on a deeper and more personal level.


With a stronger design element the Facebook timeline will be more visually led. A large cover image will appear like a banner on the top of your page. This is an area where you can showcase your design and logo. It will help your brand to get noticed. So if you need an image overhaul, now may be the time.

Don’t forget, you don’t have long before the switch over. March 30th will see an automatic switch for all pages as they change over to the new timeline format. If you are unsure how your page will look you can preview your new timeline today and find out. Remember, change like this is good for your brand!

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