“When a designer asks me for sites I like – where should I look?”

September 27, 2012 3:27 pm

My post today is aimed at the clients out there, who struggle to find designs or ideas they like when asked the question by their Digital Agency. When a designer asks “so, is there anything on the market at the moment that has caught your eye or anything you like in particular?”, don’t worry, we’re not looking for you to design, it’s purely to get a feel for the style of site you are looking for. When the time comes to present the initial mockups, not only do we want to put a huge smile on your face with a design that’s really hit the nail on the head, we want to get a full site online that you’ll love, swiftly and smoothly, attracting a large customer base waiting to find your company!

Ok then, so where do I look?

There are plenty of places to look on the web for innovative, fresh and cutting edge ideas for your project. Try the list below to get yourself started, but don’t forget to discuss the ideas with your designer to make sure they will work for your project – shifty layouts & over indulgent designs can sometimes give off the wrong signals in certain industries! It’s vital to find something that suits you, the company & the brand.

  • Awwwards – www.awwwards.com – Great for the latest and greatest designs on the web. This site will give you some fantastic ideas on how the site can look and function.
  • The Best Designs – www.thebestdesigns.com – Another great tiled site crammed with designs from the latest agencies. Some great examples of clean, crisp layouts here.
  • Web Creme – www.webcreme.com – Some fab examples of sites with great typography and palettes. Remember, colours and fonts are an important element of identifying your company – we must choose wisely.
  • Smashing Magazine – www.smashingmagazine.com – Not updated as much as we’d like these days, but still all the same, a brilliant resource for inspiration. Check out the inspire tab under design in the left navigation bar.
  • mmadigital – www.mmadigital.co.uk/web-design – Finally, but certainly not the least, why not have a look over some of the websites & videos we’ve done for our existing clients? Finding something here is great news, as you’ll see ideas we’ve already explored, and the sort of quality you can come to expect from our work.

What if there’s nothing on the above that I like?

Finding a site you like can be difficult, especially when it’s something you are confident will be a successful marketing tool. If the links above didn’t help, why not try asking your designer to send over some examples of sites they feel might fit the bill for your new website? If I was searching for inspiration, I’d firstly try and find similar sites within the industry. Look through competitors to see what they’re doing on the web, after-all you want your site to look the bee’s knees alongside theirs! If that doesn’t help, search for companies on a search engine – you’ll often find the best sites through the first two to three pages.

If you’re still struggling, feel free to drop me an email – we’re always eager to help here at mmadigital, and I’m sure we can find you a site you’ll be delighted with. Thanks for reading my post and we look forward to hearing from you!

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