What is SEO and how can it help your business?

August 24, 2011 5:09 pm

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its full title is a way of promoting your digital presence, your website in particular but also your blog if you have one.

Organic SEO makes sure that search engines find your website via keywords or phrases that rank your listing higher in the search engine stakes.

The more times your site or page appears in the search engines the higher up the page you are listed.

In turn, this makes you more visible to a higher number of searchers so that when they are looking for something you can offer, your website comes higher in the search engine listing.  The very way that search engines list, encourages us to look at the top listed sites that match our search criteria first.

Experts will consider the search engine that your target audience use most.  However there are three main search engines and your audience probably use one of them: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Higher listings with SEO

Pay per Click is a paid for service which ensures your searches go straight to the top.

Tips for your SEO

  1. Consider the two types of SEO:  Pay per Click (PPC) such as Google adwords
  2. Or organic SEO spread by the targeted use of keywords and phrases
  3. Consult an expert like Mymarketing AID to look at your website and explain how their team of experts could help you optimise your presence in the digital world

 To find out how we can boost your website traffic, call Mymarketing AID on 0161 4520311.

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