What is Pinterest?

March 1, 2012 1:05 pm

  • It’s a social media site where you collect images and pin them to virtual ‘mood’ boards.

What’s all the hype about?

  • It’s gaining in momentum like a storm. Last September there were 1.7 million users worldwide; by December this figure was up to 7 million and almost 14 million by January (ComScore). In the UK a quarter of a million visited in January and stayed on-site for an average of 25 minutes for the month.
  • One American company reported an additional 150 webpage views directly from Pinterest and 2 direct sales – all in 30 days
  • Another reported a 75% increase in web traffic and another, an increase of 446%!

How do Mymarketing AID see it working for business?

  • You pin images that link directly back to your website – good for getting customers there and for SEO
  • Follow other pinners – look for the most popular or those with quality pins
  • Your images (products or services) will get re-pinned onto other boards; it has a snowball effect for making your pins go viral. Again all good for website referrals and back-links to your site for SEO
  • Followers can ‘Like’ your pins too – good for Twitter and Facebook conversations
  • Link to your Facebook or Twitter pages to get followers
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to point people to your Pinterest Page
  • Remember to interact – don’t be blatantly self-promotional and post only your own images. Make other boards to show your human side – images that make you laugh; food or recipes you like; men’s fashion. Followers will see all your boards so these won’t overshadow your own website promotion
  • Give feedback on other people’s pins – interactivity gets the best results
  • If your products don’t relate very easily to Pinterest try to find another way i.e. if you sell lawnmowers use images of great gardens or landscapes; if you sell paint, show images of rooms and so on

Join up today either with an invitation to join or submit a request and the Pinterest powers that be will get back to you so you can start pinning.

Of course Mymarketing AID will be happy to advise you on how to get started and take this angle on social media marketing further. Give us a call on 0161 452 0311.

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