Video – a vital addition to your digital package

October 1, 2012 3:14 pm

Corporate video is not something to be dismissed. Not just a great marketing tool it is key to brand building and to pushing your business forward. You can use video to convey a message that you couldn’t with words. But beyond the message there are also a great many reasons why video is vital.

1. Great for SEO

Video is another way in which you can boost your SEO rankings. Search engines, such as Google, are now tailored to reward websites that use video. In fact, video can have a more powerful effect on your SEO than words can in some cases.

2. Share and share alike

Video is great as it encourages your customers to share. If you have a helpful, informative, or even quirky video on your website then your customers will soon be sharing it round. Always make sure that there are social media icons to share your video. You never know, it could soon become a viral hit!

3. A personal touch

Having a corporate video on your site can add a more personal touch. Customers don’t like being sold to, especially online. But a video is a much softer approach, through the use of a video, you can soon convert more customers. If you add videos that are helpful then a customer will soon see that your brand is there for them and not just for the hard sell.

4. Content is king

Don’t forget that content is core to a great video. By having good content you will be able to engage with your customers. Good content also means that you are more likely to retain people for longer. If you are investing time and money into a video then make sure that the content is right.

5. Peace of mind

Video is ideal for converting customers. This is because it gives them peace of mind. If you use video to explain your service, or show a product, you will automatically put your customers at ease. This means that they will be more likely to purchase from you.

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