Top tips to be quicker on Twitter

January 25, 2012 7:29 pm

Twitter can be a time zapper but it’s also an essential business tool.

If you find yourself staring at a blank update box wondering what on earth to tweet about, here are our top tips to be quicker on Twitter:

1. Short and sweet – allow yourself a certain amount of time on Twitter. Your updates should be short, sweet and straight to the point.
2. Talk is ‘cheep’ – don’t spend too long agonising over what to say. Time is money.
3. Have a plan – you know what’s happening in your business this month, so refer to that. That way you’ll never be stuck for something to say.
4. Get organised – organise your groups, friends, customers into lists and tweet what is relevant to them.
5. Tweet in real time –use your smartphone to tweet whilst you are on the go. If something springs to mind – shout about it.

You see, Twitter doesn’t have to be taxing. However, if you find still feel Twitter is taking up too much of your time, allow us to manage your social media for you. Drop us an email if you’d like to know how.

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