Top 5 ways video can promote your website

May 7, 2012 12:25 pm

Video is fast becoming a must have for all websites.  Apparently, according to Forrester research, one minute of video is the equivalent of reading over 1.8 million words.  It really does bring a new meaning to the expression ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. So, if you want to really push your brand further, get your name out there and, add a bit of personality, then a corporate video is a must have.

Video truly is a great asset to your website.  Here are the top 5 ways that video can promote your website and brand:

1. Google

Google now enables people to search for videos as well as news, images and sites.  If you tag your video well it will also enable you to rank higher, meaning much more exposure.

2. Staying power 

If you add a video to your website it will mean your audience will stay there longer.  This means that they are more likely to see something that interests them.

3. YouTube it

YouTube comes in at an impressive second to the search power of Google.  By adding your video to YouTube you are enhancing your chances of being found.

4. Getting ahead

A corporate video will put you ahead of your competition.  Check out and see what they are up to.  If your competitors are yet to create a video then make sure you get there first.

5. A talking point

Whether you put it in your newsletter, email signature or even pass it to the ‘bloggers’ out there, having a video means more people will talk about you, and thus, more people will arrive at your website.

A corporate video can really add another dimension to your website.  It is also a whole lot cheaper than many other forms of advertising.  So do your brand and your website a favour, invest in a video and say so much more.

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