Top 5 Google+ tips

November 22, 2011 4:04 pm

Google+ is one of the hottest social media topics around. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it is focussed on targeted sharing – this is what Google calls ‘circles’. Circles are small groups of people such as colleagues and friends.

Another feature of Google+ is ‘hangouts’. Instead of asking someone to join a group chat, you choose to ‘start a hangout’ and a message goes out to your circles, letting them know they can join you.

One of the most important features of Google+ is Google +1. This is a way for Google users to say they like your website or a specific page on it clicking a “+1” button. If someone “likes” your site then it appears in search engine results with a +1 icon.

Google have also indicated that they will use the “Likes” from the +1 button along with many other ranking factors to help rank your website in Google.

With more than 40 million users, Google+ looks set to grow. It’s already popular with early adopters and is growing rapidly with marketeers and businesses around the world.

Get the most out of Google + with these top 5 handy tips from the social media experts at mmadigital.

  1. 1. Display your +1’s. Let people see what you’ve been liking. Go to your profile tab, click ‘edit profile’, and then click on the +1’s tab. You will now get the option to ‘Show this tab on your profile’.
  2. 2. Spread the word. Send invitations to others to join without needing an email address. Perfect for enticing your friends over from Facebook and Twitter. Simply use the ‘send invitations’ option.
  3. 3. Don’t miss out. Regularly check the ‘people who’ve added you’. This will show you the people who have circled you, but you haven’t circle back.
  4. 4. Save time. The Google+ notifications toolbar can save you loads of time. Use the left and right arrows to scroll.
  5. 5. Ask for help! If you are interested in having the +1 button added to your website, email us here.

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