Top 10 business blog tips

February 8, 2012 9:36 pm

It is important when writing a blog that you get the most from it. Writing a business blog takes commitment and dedication. But it can soon become a chore and one that you race through to get done. A good business blog is a gateway for conversation between you and your customers. By keeping it up-to-date and fresh you will keep them interested. It is also a core tool to enhance your SEO.

When writing a business blog it may help to keep these top 10 tips in mind. That way you will get more out than you put in:

1. Keep it informative
2. Use a friendly tone
3. Have a plan and stick to it
4. Try and post a blog at least twice a week
5. Aim for a 5-7% keyword density
6. Research the best keywords and phrases for your company
7. Add keywords to the title
8. Use bullet points and subheadings
9. Add relevant links to useful things
10. Share it. Post it on your website, Facebook and Twitter pages

By following these 10 simple tips you will have a successful blog. Make sure you add some creativity into the mix too. Make it punchy and keep it simple. A blog can become a really great marketing tool.

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