Top 10 benefits of LinkedIn for business

October 12, 2011 2:56 pm

Social networking sites have quite literally taken over.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become part of the marketing and advertising foundations on which we all work on.  Mymarketing AID is always keen to keep up to date on the latest social networking tools and how you can integrate them into your business.  Let’s face it, it is free marketing!


LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most popular social networking tools for businesses.  Whether you are a business owner, account manager, sales manager or head of marketing there are great benefits to you and your company for using LinkedIn.

Here at Mymarketing AID we have listed the top ten benefits of LinkedIn for your business:

1. Finding new clients

LinkedIn is a great way to search for new business and potential clients.

2. A great networking tool

It is the ideal place to network, whether that be with new clients, old business colleagues or friends of friends.

3. A promotion tool

If you have a website or a blog LinkedIn can be a great way to share and promote your latest blogs. You can add your blog to your profile and keep people in your network updated.

4. Recommendations

Asking ex-colleagues, clients and people you have worked with to recommend your company, and its product or services, can really boost your company profile.  Much like testimonials, they really add to your companies credibility.

5. Ideal for SEO

LinkedIn enables your companies profile to rank higher up in Google.  Here at Mymarketing AID it is something we are experts in and understand how to get your website and company ranked higher on Googles search pages.  LinkedIn profiles will gain a higher PageRank on Google.

6. Advertising

With over 100 million users across the globe LinkedIn can give you access to a whole new market of people.  You can create an ad and target specific categories and groups to make sure that you get maximum coverage.  This can all be done on your pay per click budget.

7. Recruitment

You can use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.  Forget the expense of a big headhunting firm,  you can now search for potential recruits using your LinkedIn profile.

8. Keeping in touch

After meeting with clients it is always important to keep in touch.  LinkedIn provides a more professional means of keeping in contact with current and new clients.

9. Answers to questions

LinkedIn have a designated section called LinkedIn Answers and Groups which will let you ask business related questions and will find the answers!  You can also share your own knowledge by helping to answer questions.

10. Keep an eye on the competition

LinkedIn can provide you with a great way of keeping up with the competition.  Profile pages keep statistics on companies and you will also be able to see who has recently joined and left the company.

LinkedIn is a vital and core marketing tool.  Mymarketing AID understand just how useful a tool this really is and can help you to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is looking at its best.

Why not talk to us about how we can help you?  You can also look at Mymarketing AIDs own LinkedIn profile to see how we market ourselves.


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