Things you need to know about Facebook’s latest update

September 28, 2011 7:29 pm

If you’re into social media site Facebook and 30 million people in the UK are, you’ll have noticed the changes; you’ll have noticed the moans and groans and rumours of other users too.  It seems most of us don’t like change maybe that’s because we don’t understand it?

Mymarketing AID’s thought is that in a few months time we won’t remember how it was before!  So let’s just suck it and see.

What are the changes
Every Facebook ‘home’ page has a ‘Ticker’ in the top right hand corner.  This moving stream of information brings you ‘live’ real-time updates about your friends’ activities.  You can’t get rid of this Ticker but you can minimise it.  More of that later.

The new style News Feed can help you personalise your account.  It’s a bit like SEO!  The more you interact with certain types of information it tells Facebook what interests you  and what you like to see/read.  This new way of seeing your Top News stories ranks the kind of stories you interact with higher.   The more you do this, the more your Top News is of interest to you!

Take a closer look...

Facebook’s blog promises a personalised page – like a newspaper – of stories you’ll want to read.  Even if you haven’t visited Facebook for a while, the Top Stories will be top photos and statuses posted whilst you’ve been away!  Facebook is just ‘getting to know you’!

So why don’t you get to know the changes; here’s our top tips to make the most of these new facilities on Facebook:

  • You can make the Ticker smaller; click the double line at the bottom and when two arrows appear move the line up
  • Moving your mouse over an item in the Ticker will bring up a box on the left-hand side giving you more information associated with the post i.e. comments or photos …
  • Returning to Facebook after a while?  Facebook will pick the top stories from your friends; higher ranking goes to events like births and marriages or stories with many comments of ‘likes’
  • A Top Story is identified with a small blue triangle in the top left corner.  You can change it by clicking on it.  This also alerts Facebook not to post stories like this one in your Top News.  In reverse you can choose to make something a Top Story by mouse-hovering over the top left corner and clicking on the blanked-out triangle
  • Hovering over the top right hand corner of a post brings up an arrow which you can select to show an options menu so that you can choose which updates you want to see from this particular friend
  • Photos and videos are displayed larger in News Feed; just a click brings up a larger pop-up picture for you to comment, tag or ‘like’
  • Don’t want anyone to know how you are using Facebook Apps in the Ticker?  Go to Application Settings and click ‘Only Me’ in Customise Menu.  You must do this for each App you don’t want shown
  • Top News and Most Recent are combined as two separate elements.  Just scroll down to see Most Recent
  • Hidden posts, friends or updates can be ‘re-installed’ by clicking the pencil icon next to ‘News Feed’ in left hand menu and selecting Edit
  • Customise your News Feed to limit what is generated by using the Lists option in the left hand menu.  Add people to the various lists i.e. Close Friends, Family etc or create your own new ones.  Select ‘More’ and click the List name
  • To customise your News Feed even more, you can use the Lists option. It is on the left hand side

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