The top benefits of outsourcing your marketing

October 5, 2011 7:28 pm

Let’s face it, you are professionals at your job whatever business you are in but you don’t necessarily have any marketing expertise or the time to plan strategically let alone implement a marketing plan for your business.

Here to help

At Mymarketing AID we have a team of professional marketing personnel who have cut their teeth on blue chip clients handling budgets you may probably only dream of!  No matter what business you are in, outsourcing your marketing to us has many benefits, here are the top ten:

1. We will start with an audit of your current marketing strategy and report back
2. Let us develop a strategic plan with or for you
3. Then let us implement the marketing plan in both digital or print media
4. Any marketing we undertake, we will evaluate and give you feedback
5. We can migrate your traditional print media to digital if you require
6. If you need a rebrand we can design and launch it
7. We can also launch new products or promotions
8. If necessary we can provide staff coaching and training so that they understand the  technologies we are implementing
9. Because we keep you ahead of the trends in marketing, you get the newest options if they  are relevant
10. We can work as a consultant for as many (or few) hours as you can afford

Sound interesting?  If you’d like to discuss your marketing needs and see how Mymarketing AID can help, please fill out the form on our website or call your local office.  We’ll be more than happy to help!

Take a look at our social media sites to see how we market ourselves!  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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