The responsive web design effect

April 2, 2013 11:00 am

You have heard us talk about it till we are blue in the face, you have probably used it and not even realised, and now some of the top brands are showing just how effective it is. Responsive web design is here to stay. And the future of web design actually depends on it.

A more ‘user-friendly’ site is something that no customer will ever complain about. You won’t hear ‘Oh, that check-out was too easy to use’ or ‘What a pain, I only had to click two links to find what I was looking for’. As a business, don’t you want to make it as easy as possible?

And it is not just the SEO benefits or the aesthetics that are pleasing. The increase in traffic, sales and even conversions are all added benefits for responsive web design.

Here are just a few examples of big brands that have reaped great rewards after adding responsive web designs to their sites.

O’Neill clothing

The clothing brand saw some significant changes once it adopted a responsive web design. By making their mobile website more user-friendly they saw conversions through android devices increase by 407% and revenue increase by 591.42%.

Skinny Ties

This fantastic brand decided to reinvent their brand identity as well as make it easier for their users. Their revenue from iPhones increased by 377.6% and their site’s bounce rate dropped by 23.2%. It also meant that the duration of which their users were on their site increased by 44.6%.

Time Magazine

The iconic magazine saw its mobile visitors increase by 10% in 2012. This gave them the boost that they needed to adopt responsive web design. And I bet they were glad that they did. Their unique visits on their homepage increased by 15% and their mobile bounce rate dropped by 26%.

Overall, responsive web design is a must for any business that wants to maintain longevity and to increase its awareness. To find out more why not contact us today? We could talk about it till the cows come home, but we won’t, we will simply point you in the direction of some great examples and let our work do the talking!

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