The do’s and don’ts for a great corporate video

July 9, 2012 10:06 am

As we have mentioned many a time, a corporate video is the ideal way to get your point across in the simplest and most effective way.  Think of how many times you may watch YouTube to learn how to do this, or to understand more about that.  Well, you too can offer your customers and clients video.

Despite the varied plus points of corporate video it is still in its infancy for many businesses.  But a well produced video can really put your business ahead of its competition.

To help you get started here are the do’s and don’ts for an effective corporate video:

Do tell a story

You can use a corporate video to engage your audience and tell a story.  Remember, a picture can tell a thousand words.


Don’t lie 

It is vital that your video tells the truth.  It is fine to be comical and use humour but be careful when stating facts.  Aim to be as honest as you can.  Remember your video will be shared across the web.

Do keep it short 

If you have a long corporate video that doesn’t capture your audience in a few seconds then chances are you have lost them.  Aim for something between 30 seconds to two or so minutes.  Any longer and your audience may switch off.

Don’t forget about your call to action 

Some online videos are super clever and contain some really interesting content. But what they fail to deliver is a call to action.  Make sure that at some point you encourage your audience to do something, to take action.

Do measure it 

It is all very well having a superb corporate video, but if you fail to measure its reach and how much it is shared then you won’t know how well it is doing.  Add analytics to your site or sign up for YouTube analytics.

Don’t forget social media 

Social media is an extremely powerful tool.  Once your video is on your website make sure that you share it across your social media networks.  Tweet it regularly, direct message it to clients and share it across Facebook.  Don’t forget to upload it to YouTube and tag it with relevant words that relate to you and your business. That way you will encourage it to go viral and do wonders for your SEO.

Do use a professional video production company 

You will want your video to be pretty slick.  By using a corporate video production company you will be able to pass your video into the hands of a professional.  Make sure you check out their past examples too!

Overall the key is to just go with it and get a great corporate video out there.  Try not to over-think it and encourage feedback.  Set yourself ahead of your competition.

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