The big, bad, blog

June 14, 2012 11:29 am

With all the recent updates on Google, from Panda this to Penguin that, we thought we would break down a few blogging secrets.

Those who are in the know will understand the best practices when it comes to blogging. But are you doing it right? Writing a bad blog can have some serious repercussions for your website.  So, before you sit down to write your next big content piece, make a cup of tea and have a read of some of the do’s and don’ts.

Do link to other sites 

There is a big myth that linking to other sites is bad. Wrong. It is, in fact, good practice to link to other sites besides your own.  You know how great your website is, and hopefully so does your audience, but it is OK to send them elsewhere for a bit.  If in doubt, use Wikipedia to help explain a few of those technical words.

Don’t overuse keywords and phrases 

If you have a core set of keywords and phrases, which you should, don’t overuse them.  Bombarding your blog with ‘cheap sofa beds’ or ‘car insurance’ will make Google mad. It will also bore your readers to tears!

Do write for humans too 

Don’t just write for the search engines.  Remember your blog has two audiences, one is the search engines, but the other is your customers and clients.  They want to read gripping, helpful and exciting content. So don’t push them away, entice them with your well written words.

Don’t be too salesy

By writing a blog that is all ‘me, me, me’ you will put your readers off.  By all means let them know who you are and how to contact you, but make sure you include content that they want to read.  By doing so you they will be more likely to share it with others, especially through social media.

Do share your blog 

Which leads us nicely to our last point.  Share your blog via your social media.  Tweet it, share it on Facebook and encourage people to talk about it.

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