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Are you giving it enough klout?

October 19, 2011 3:43 pm Leave your thoughts

As we all know the Internet is a very powerful tool.  Measuring just how powerful your website and online brand is can often be tricky.  Is it about how many unique visitors you have? How many people tweet about you each day?  Or how many hits a day you have on your website?  What do you measure and why?    Well the simple answer is all of it!  Your next question is probably how?  Well at MyMarketingAID we specialise in helping you to ensure that your website is highly influential and recognised and that is where Klout comes in. MyMarketingAID is here to help you find your Klout score. A score that is essentially a ranking of how useful and valid your online content is to your audience.   Basically the higher your Klout score the better your content and more engaged your audience is!  Simple really! The Internet is…