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QR codes – the smarter way to deliver information

July 14, 2011 1:12 pm Leave your thoughts

Keeping Google happy with regular blogs, refreshing homepage content and adding new offers are sure fire ways to keep your SEO rankings up.  You’ve got a great website, loads of brilliant content providing information on your products and services.  However, for new and small business enterprises, getting your audience there can be a real challenge. Introducing QR codes You may have seen these QR codes in newspapers, magazines and other paper-based media.  Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that are readable by smart phones with a QR reader application. Invented in Japan, the QR code has been described as paper-based hyperlinks.  Pretty succinct we think.  You simply take a picture of the QR code with your uber-smart phone (the likes of the iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Android etc) and you’ll get redirected to the website in your phone’s browser. Given that we live in a digital age where we…