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Copywriting services at mmadigital

September 23, 2011 4:42 pm Leave your thoughts

Do you ever get stuck for words?  Do you ever have trouble condensing what you want to say into the 140 characters for a tweet? We all have blank moments but you can’t afford to let them show in your web copy or other marketing materials.  Mymarketing AID have a team of professional copywriters and marketing professionals who can do this for you; words are our business. We can undertake any kind of copywriting for you from web copy – your shop window on the Internet – to email marketing campaigns, from blog writing to press releases.  Our team can write copy for your promotional materials or direct mail campaigns. We can make sure that the copy is SEO friendly so that you are picked up in search engines and increase your ranking.  This is vitally important to ensure you are ‘seen’. It’s just one of the professional services we…