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How to dominate Google’s 1st page for Medical Negligence & Personal Injury

September 13, 2017 1:47 pm Leave your thoughts

We recently reported on the 274% increase in the price of medical negligence PPC advertising on search engines such as Google, but what does it take to grab one of the top organic (aka natural) search result positions? Law firms looking to generate any personal injury (PI) related enquiries online will consistently see Slater & Gordon (S&G), Irwin Mitchell (IM) and National Accident Helpline (NAH) topping organic search engine results. In fact, if you look at the top 20 personal injury related keywords right now (incl. “medical negligence”; “no win no fee” & “injury lawyer”), S&G, IM and NAH feature in the top 3 positions for 18 of those keywords.   There is no shortage of SEO guides on the world-wide-web, with ‘magic formulas’ on how to get to No.1 on Google – even personal videos by Matt Cutts, former SEO specialist at Google. What this article is here to shed light…

How Mymarketing AID can help personal Injury law firms

September 14, 2011 2:29 pm Leave your thoughts

Are you a personal injury law firm and have you been in panic about the future of procuring business since the news broke last week about the banning of referral schemes? No need to panic, Mymarketing AID has been pro-active in explaining how they can help personal injury law firms. The law firms that have in the past depended on buying leads from companies like the National Accident Helpline stand to be hit by not only a drop in clients unless they up their marketing game, but also a drop in payment for cases they do win. Mymarketing AID has a specialist digital package ready for just such law firms to maximize your marketing and consequently minimize your loss of clients.  The packages from Mymarketing AID which can be tailored to you can help generate leads. Our digital marketing package can include using Mymarketing AID for a full marketing consultation…