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Why the need for social media?

October 24, 2011 10:28 am Leave your thoughts

It is hard to imagine life before social media. Here at MyMarketingAID we would quite simply be lost without it. What’s more is that the concept of social media is dynamic, fast moving and constantly changing. At MyMarketingAID we understand how important it is to keep on board of the social media train. Fall off and you fall behind. Forget to get on and you are left standing on the sidelines. It is now recognised that over 70% of small and medium sized business use social media in one way or another to promote their company. But why is it so important I hear you ask? Well social media is more than just a tweet here or a Facebook comment there. In the business world it is one very powerful tool indeed. Here are a few reasons why; Lead generation Your contacts and clients can refer and recommend you to…