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How Social Media is vital to SEO

November 16, 2011 10:33 am Leave your thoughts

It’s true, Mymarketing AID knows that Social Media is very important, vital even, to your rankings in any search engine listings. Simply using keywords in your web content is not enough, it’s only a part of the optimisation and ranking process.  Search engines now want to know how good your website is by looking at the number of backlinks your site or blog has. As with all technology nothing stays still for long which is why search engines are now recognising social signals or links to influential people on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn add to the quality of your page and get you ranked higher. Here are Mymarketing AID’s top reasons why social media is vital to SEO: 1. Social Media sites let you tap into existing traffic sources 2. Social Media is a time saver as you just need to upload your content, keywords and…

Top 10 benefits of LinkedIn for business

October 12, 2011 2:56 pm Leave your thoughts

Social networking sites have quite literally taken over.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become part of the marketing and advertising foundations on which we all work on.  Mymarketing AID is always keen to keep up to date on the latest social networking tools and how you can integrate them into your business.  Let’s face it, it is free marketing! LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most popular social networking tools for businesses.  Whether you are a business owner, account manager, sales manager or head of marketing there are great benefits to you and your company for using LinkedIn. Here at Mymarketing AID we have listed the top ten benefits of LinkedIn for your business: 1. Finding new clients LinkedIn is a great way to search for new business and potential clients. 2. A great networking tool It is the ideal place to network, whether that be…