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How Social Media is vital to SEO

November 16, 2011 10:33 am Leave your thoughts

It’s true, Mymarketing AID knows that Social Media is very important, vital even, to your rankings in any search engine listings. Simply using keywords in your web content is not enough, it’s only a part of the optimisation and ranking process.  Search engines now want to know how good your website is by looking at the number of backlinks your site or blog has. As with all technology nothing stays still for long which is why search engines are now recognising social signals or links to influential people on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn add to the quality of your page and get you ranked higher. Here are Mymarketing AID’s top reasons why social media is vital to SEO: 1. Social Media sites let you tap into existing traffic sources 2. Social Media is a time saver as you just need to upload your content, keywords and…

Mymarketing AID’s top 10 tips for SEO

November 10, 2011 4:46 pm Leave your thoughts

Search Engine Optimisation is necessary to bring visitors to your site. If you’ve taken the time to write some copy for a webpage or a blog, then you want it to be found. However good your copy may be, if no one reads it, then it will not bring in business! As specialists in this area, Mymarketing AID have some tips about being seen, using SEO techniques: 1. Use page titles that accurately and concisely describe the content of your page to get higher ranking in search engine optimisation; use the main keyword in the title at least once 2. Your title should not be longer than 70 characters – this is the most that will show up in a search engine 3. Place your keywords nearer the front of titles and copy to ensure visibility and higher rankings with search engines 4. Using keyword(s) in the title means search…

YouTube Searches

September 7, 2011 9:40 pm Leave your thoughts

If you are using videos to promote your business, mmadigital advise that optimisation just like SEO for websites is vitally important for your video to be found.  As YouTube is the prime location for video publication you should think seriously about how you ensure your video ranks high in the viewing stakes. mmadigital recommend the following tips for getting your videos seen and of course are always on hand to facilitate these for you. Make sure your titles include key words which relate to the content of the video.  Your principle keywords should also appear in the file name you give your video.  Remember there is a restriction to the number of characters within YouTube searches of 60 characters. More keywords and phrases should be included in your description when you list your video.  Although again only a limited number of characters – between 50 and 70 – show in…