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Why you need to use Google +

January 19, 2012 6:04 pm Leave your thoughts

Mymarketing Aid knows how important Google+ is to business.  We advise all businesses who haven’t, to get themselves a Google + page now.  Google+ is growing bigger by the day with over 1 million pages receiving over 5 billion visits every day.  Think how much business that could mean for you. Searching with the plus symbol before your brand name will automatically direct searchers to your Google+ page.  Google show you how: +YouTube. Mymarketing AID recommend Google+ because 1. Just having a profile on Google + immediately raises your search engine ranking on Google organically.  As Google has 80% of the search engine market that’s good enough reason 2. When your customers ‘like’ you on Google+ that immediately makes a difference to online search results shunting you higher up the rankings 3. With Google+ the ability to segment your followers using the circle app means you can target your marketing…