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Why you need to use Google +

January 19, 2012 6:04 pm Leave your thoughts

Mymarketing Aid knows how important Google+ is to business.  We advise all businesses who haven’t, to get themselves a Google + page now.  Google+ is growing bigger by the day with over 1 million pages receiving over 5 billion visits every day.  Think how much business that could mean for you. Searching with the plus symbol before your brand name will automatically direct searchers to your Google+ page.  Google show you how: +YouTube. Mymarketing AID recommend Google+ because 1. Just having a profile on Google + immediately raises your search engine ranking on Google organically.  As Google has 80% of the search engine market that’s good enough reason 2. When your customers ‘like’ you on Google+ that immediately makes a difference to online search results shunting you higher up the rankings 3. With Google+ the ability to segment your followers using the circle app means you can target your marketing…

Google + for your business

December 1, 2011 2:31 pm Leave your thoughts

Although Google+ is still in its infancy, it has gained 40 million users in just a few months which gives some indication of its pick-up and how ‘hot’ it is. You no longer need an invitation to join and businesses can build their own Brand pages for visibility and SEO purposes. Stream Its features, whilst similar to other Social Networking sites, have some extras and of course different names. Google+ Stream = newsfeed but using the Circles feature with Stream means you can switch which Stream you see at any time i.e. click on your business circle when in Stream and only get newsfeed from that Circle. This is a useful feature and helps to maintain that ‘clean’ appearance. Similarly if you want to update your status, just click on share to select who you sees your updates – one friend, a selected circle or everyone. Search and Sparks Using…