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Facebook for Business

July 28, 2011 1:38 pm Leave your thoughts

Businesses have been joining social network sites for a long time now.  By using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, companies gain more visibility to their audiences and instant customer interaction online. In the face of Google+ bringing real competition to the world of social networking, where businesses are rapidly jumping aboard Google+, it comes as no surprise Facebook are attempting to mitigate customers and businesses leaving Facebook. Although Facebook is being used by marketers, it appears that the process of marketing products and services is complex.  Facebook has introduced a new site called Facebook for Business, which provides a clear guide on how to use Facebook’s marketing features. Facebook hopes to provide more guidance for advertising and marketing on this prolific social network.  Facebook for Business step-by-step guides make it easier for marketers and small businesses to place adverts, deals, social plugins and sponsored stories.

Google +1 – do you recommend it?

July 8, 2011 11:37 am Leave your thoughts

Google introduced their most significant social feature to its search platform earlier this year.  They have added a one-click button to allow users to recommend and share sites they like with their friends. Yes, a direct rival to Facebook’s ubiquitous ‘Like’ button which appears pretty much everywhere online. These social buttons act as instant signals representing what content is most relevant to the user. How it works Users need to log in to their Google account to share their recommendations with contacts in their Gmail contacts. The small +1 icon appears net to search results and advertisements. These +1’s are visible to the online community. Help businesses Google +1 is characterized as different from the ‘Like’ button from Facebook; Google +1 will only be shared within the context of relevant searches. It will also influence the ranking of sites within search results listings. Users of Google +1 will be able…