Stay-at-home mums are avid Facebook shoppers!

May 7, 2012 12:00 pm

Facebook has around 850 million users and around 1.5 million of those are using it to shop each month.  As you can see Facebook shopping is still in its early stages but there is a lot we can tell from it already.

One company are already jumping on that bandwagon and are currently the biggest Facebook commerce platform.  The company, known as Payvment, are already harnessing 80% of the Facebook commerce.  The CEO and co-founder of Payvment, Christian Taylor, has shared his insights on the types of customers already using Facebook to shop.

Taylor has said, ‘I think Facebook has created an outlet for mothers to talk to other mums about what to buy for their children and share parenting tips.  I imagine being a stay-at-home parent was an incredibly lonely job before social networks.  The people shopping on Facebook are an incredibly similar crowd to those who play social games, such as Farmville.’

It is thought that due to Facebook’s organic growth ability, e-commerce via the social network will continue to grow at a fast pace.  Taylor has pointed out that men also shop on Facebook, mainly purchasing t-shirts.  Facebook, will of course, take a cut of transactions, but it is not expected to be as high as the 30% it currently takes for games sold via its site.

Selling through the power of social networks is a great tool for businesses.  Imagine the wealth of knowledge you can gain from Facebook about your customers? Thus, helping you to target the right people, in the right way.

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