Motoring Offences

Law firms who join our motoring law marketing collective will receive regular enquiries covering every type of UK motoring offence, from drink driving to speeding. New enquiries will be delivered either direct as raw enquiries or vetted against your own specific criteria.

This is a brand new proposition and we are currently looking for UK law firms to beta test. It is, therefore, an ideal time to join and shape the collective for the benefit of your own firm.

Our motoring offences marketing collective website, The Motoring Law Experts, is built and ready to be tailored to suit the firms that initially come on board. When it goes live it will utilise our intelligent lead generation platform to provide high-value enquiries to member firms with a greater propensity to turn into cases. The lead generation platform has been collating data on people searching for legal services for the past two years and will use that data to inform its targeting of people actively looking for a law firm to assist them with motoring law issues.

Let our platform do the hard work for you Our disruptive platform allows us to use real-time lead conversion data to create algorithms. These continuous learning algorithms place ads on digital channels in the most efficient positions, on the best performing times and days of each week in real-time. Thus, giving us efficiencies and accuracy like no other in the market. We are therefore able to acquire new customers much more efficiently than any of our clients can do with their digital marketing budgets, so why not have a demo to find out more…

Message for your Free demo

What to expect next? After submitting the booking form for a free online demonstration, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange the best day and time for you. For the demonstration, all you need is an internet connection (via. computer, tablet or smartphone) and access to a phone. We are currently offering a limited number of trials of the platform, which we will cover during the demonstration.

mmadigital platform demo