Social media and online change

September 27, 2012 2:33 pm

This week saw the 2012 Social Good Summit begin. This is an annual three-day conference that looks at how big ideas and new media can really create a change. It includes speakers from huge corporations from all over the world, including Mashable’s Pete Cashmore.

The summit looks at the issues that are affecting people everywhere and how a global social community can really bring about change. What is really amazing about the Social Good Summit is that it really focuses on the ‘BIG’ issues around the world. From ocean conservation to tackling malaria, AIDS and even government issues.

What the Social Good Summit highlights is the amazing power of social media. So, if you are reading this and are still not sure as to how social media can help your business, encourage growth in your industry, or make a change, then now is the time to find out

The Social Good Summit won’t just end once the conference is over. Unlike most conferences where only the select few get to attend, the Social Good Summit has become an open forum, and they want to hear from you. If you head over to Twitter now and type #SGSglobal you will soon see the sheer volume of opinions, ideas and discussions that these topics have created.

Social media is the next phase of humanity

What is really trending and being discussed right at this very second is that social media is fast becoming the next phase of humanity. From signing petitions to donating money and to making fundamental differences in the world, social media is a tool to be harnessed.

Deepak Chopra, an American physician and writer, was a speaker at the summit and has highlighted that social media can actually do what armies, governments and warfare can’t. Social media can create real emotion, something that pure technology fails to do.

So much information has already come out of the 2012 Social Good Summit and it really is worth a read. It is quite remarkable to think about the true power of social media. If you currently run a corporate responsibility programme within your business then why not utilise social media as a way of becoming an advocate for your charity or organisation you are supporting? Social media in this capacity is not about simply donating money, it is about using your voice and making a difference.

It is only really in its early stages but watch this space. The power of social media is yet to be truly unleashed.

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