Should my Website follow design trends?

September 5, 2013 10:01 am

Trends are everywhere. Fashion, Publishing, Cars, even certain foods are trendy! So its no wonder that web design also follows suit. But with web design it’s a little different. New technology is emerging all the time which sometimes create trends themselves.

Many clients request that the look and feel of their site is to be in a certain style, follow a certain trend or that it utilizes a certain technology, which is understandable as it is their site after all and they would like the site to suit their tastes. But is this always the right thing to do? Shouldn’t the look and feel of the site appeal to potential customers, not simply follow the latest trend or make sure the actual content of the site is relevant to the business in question, instead of utilizing an unnecessary new technology?

The most important part of your site is the content. And making sure the content is easily accessible and accurate is essential to making your site a success. My advice to ensure your site doesn’t just simply follow a soon to be out of date trend is to do some thorough research into your target market, and find out what makes them tick and also how they use the web. Not every user is highly competent or a power user. So you need to accommodate this. Then design your site with this in mind.

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