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September 16, 2011 6:26 pm

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation ensures your website, webpage, blog or video is more visible.  It is no good having all that valuable information about you or your products sat in the ether if no one can find them.

Mymarketing AID can work with you to optimise your Internet visibility and build your business.

SEO is one of those acronyms which seem to cover the real meaning in a cloud of jargon that many of us don’t understand – and when we’re told its meaning in full we just nod and make out we understand!

However mysterious the term, the team at Mymarketing AID can make sure that the search engines that need the information understand it!

Mymarketing AID know how these search engines work and experience tells them what people search for i.e. the actual words typed into search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  With this knowledge they take keywords used in your text to optimise the search.

The more keywords that are commonly used to find services or products that you offer, the higher your ranking in the search engines is likely to be i.e. the higher up the page of Google or Yahoo suggestions.  It is usually the top two to five searches that are the ones we go into and only do we proceed further down the page if we haven’t found what we are looking for!

Asking Mymarketing AID to work on SEO for your information will mean they will assess your web design to see if it needs any tweaks to your HTML code – this is the code at the backend of your website which no one can see.   Then they will consider common searches, optimise with keywords; analysis of your listing and the number of hits you receive will help them to monitor the SEO.

HTML code

With such complexities you can see why this is a job for experts in the field like Mymarketing AID.  Why not give them a call to discuss how they can help you?

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