Responsive web design and why it’s more important than ever

May 2, 2012 3:55 pm

At some point this year, the number of people who view websites on a mobile device will overtake the number of people who use desktops. This is a significant milestone in the digital world, as it completely changes priorities in what devices we should be designing for. It’s not a case of designing for the majority, it’s about designing a website that adapts to the device that it is being viewed on – simply responsive web design.

The desktop version of our website is full size and the landscape tablet version is slightly more condensed (this doesn’t mean zoomed out to fit it all in, the layout sections actually change position  and the images and videos resize accordingly. If you flip the tablet round to portrait, the layout sections change once again. Now the part we love is when you view our site on a mobile phone! Our navigation menu disappears entirely, and in it’s place a thumb friendly navigation, a far simplified layout, thumb friendly buttons and easy to read text sizes. Sounds like common sense stuff really doesn’t it? But despite this, a lot of companies aren’t even considering mobile right now.

According to a recent Google mobile report 61% of users won’t go back to a website after a bad mobile experience, 40% would go to a competitor site following a bad mobile experience and 19% of people would have a negative overall perception of a company if they had a poor mobile presence. These are numbers that can’t be ignored!

As we now move into a period where more people use their mobile devices than desktops there has never been a better time to ensure that your website is built to fit all devices.They key to winning business online is keeping ahead of the competition, and whilst mobile / responsive web design take up is wrongly low use it to your advantage and show your audience what a forward thinking company you are.

Final thought…don’t make viewing your website difficult for your customers, because they will go elsewhere….the mobile audience are an impatient bunch!

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