Re-brand? Don’t forget the SEO

August 1, 2012 3:12 pm

So you felt it was time for a redesign? You fancied rebranding your site, updating your graphics or maybe re-hauling the whole thing all together? But what have you forgotten?

Let’s think about it logically.  When you move house you tend to let friends and family know you have moved, right? Then there are the utility companies, Royal Mail and other such services.  So why is it that when businesses update their websites, change their web address or content that they forget to let the search engines know?

If you have worked hard at your search engine optimisation, are currently ranked high on Google you need to be careful that you preserve it.  SEO is hugely responsible for driving traffic to your site.  Without preserving your SEO you could find that you disappear off Google all together.  So, you may have a stunning site that looked far better than your previous site, but if you can’t be found it is no use to anyone.

Here are a few things to remember when updating your site:

Keep your URL the same 

Try to keep your URL the same. This will not affect your redesign and your SEO will remain the same.

301 redirect 

This lets the search engines know that you have ‘moved’.  Think of it as a ‘we’ve moved house’ card that you send to the likes of Google.  301 redirect all of your old pages to your new pages.  Otherwise your traffic will just end up at a broken page.


Take the time to do an SEO audit.  Run through all of the elements of your SEO and make sure that everything lines up and matches to the new site.


Don’t forget to change or install Google Analytics.  You can carry this over to your new site if you already have it.  But make sure you do, otherwise you will have no way of measuring your new site.

If all of this has left you slightly confused then why not contact us at mmadigital? We are experts in the world of search and SEO. Let us help and we will leave no stone unturned.

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