Production begins on mmadigital’s £10 million ad campaign

This month, nine members of the mmadigital contact centre and lead generation teams headed to a production studio and began recording a number of multi-channel adverts, which will be part of our £10million ad campaign for mmadigital’s consumer brands.

Official production began on Christmas Eve 2019 with staff recording their voices for key lines in the creative scripts, which were then completed early January 2020. The mmadigital staff who took part in the recording of our consumer brand adverts will be lending their voices and introducing our new ethos “We call. We listen. We Help.” This strapline encompasses the fundamental attributes of what we do for claimants when they get in touch with us at ‘The Medical Negligence Experts’ and ‘The Compensation Experts’

Dez Derry, mmadigital CEO comments, “We are very excited to have our own staff directly involved in the production of the new consumer adverts, giving them a further personal touch. It’s great to see the team who speak with the consumers everyday being visible and passionately promoting the business. We are all looking forward to the launch of the completed adverts.”

The national campaigns will encompass all key media channels, including both radio and television and are expected to be launched later this month. For more information about the campaigns, click here.