PPC vs Organic. Where should your priorities lie?

How can you raise your profile using ‘pay per click’ or organic advertising methods?

At mmadigital we are inundated by clients whose websites are underperforming in terms of traffic, conversion and quality of leads despite operating a modern-day website and want to know the best way of improving their reach. Many of our clients will have heard about Pay Per Click (PPC) & Organic ranking in a bid to improve their website performance, however, have no idea what half the online jargon means which is where our expertise comes in handy.

It should be highlighted that PPC & Organic traffic are two separate entities, despite for the most part being derived from the same query on a search engine, whether it be brand or generic terms. A strong PPC campaign can be an area for quick and huge online growth for many companies while organic ranking, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is fundamental to all online strategies but with greater investment of both money & time compared to PPC.

Improving your organic ranking is not just about optimising the content of your website, but also about having genuine authority to help answer any queries potential customers face, and the solution you provide and information around such topics. Google & Bing are the two key players who account for the majority of search traffic in the digital universe and are both constantly analysing how users interact with a site, how often they return or how regularly and if other sites are linking to pages or to content on your site.

PPC, on the other hand, is essentially all about paying for a prime position using specific searched terms across search engines. These positions will ensure your website ads are seen with key targeted messages created by you for potential customers.

Here at mmadigital, we ensure that our customers’ digital strategies do not encompass one method over another, but rather combines a multi-channel digital strategy including social media to create a custom marketing package unique to each client. By implementing PPC campaigns alongside SEO best practices, we can ensure that our customers achieve improved traffic to their sites while users get the best possible search query experience to increase the likelihood of conversion and customer retention. This multi-channel approached can be tailored to meet any client’s needs with the end goal of concentrating on the needs of the client and focus on their short & medium KPI’s and also assessing long term goals. Our digital campaigns not only deliver a return on investment, but increased brand recognition, awareness & engagement through our strategy encompassing all digital mediums working together.

This multi-channel approach allows us to modify individual channel campaigns as fresh opportunities arise, rather than relying on a single channel plan approach which restricts overall goals. Depending on our client’s goal, we ensure that performance of integrated PPC & SEO channels, along with social, video, radio and email marketing are able to achieve a more consistent level of performance than they would tend to achieve using their own advertising channels.

If you would like to know how our multi-channel marketing strategy can best benefit your company please contact us to arrange a demo over a coffee.  Remember a multi-channel approach provides you with the best chance of success.