New report for SMEs

January 7, 2012 6:10 pm

We’ve spotted a new report from Borrell Associates which looks at SMEs and the use of social media. The report highlights the increasing demand for social media by SMEs, and shows that:

  • Between 45% and 70% of SMEs already have a social media presence – mostly Facebook
  • Social media marketing was just behind paid search for SMEs in 2011
  • Most use new customers as the key metric, with additional followers coming in at number two
  • On average each SME has a network of about 250 followers

We all know the huge benefits of social media, and that you cannot afford to ignore it. So if one of your new year resolutions is tackle your Tweets, you can always ask us for advice. We like nothing more than talking about this stuff! Or if you’d rather we just did it for you, no problem. Call us or email us.

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