mmadigital to sponsor and support local athlete: Niall Brown

mmadigital are excited to announce their sponsorship of local Muay Thai Fighter, Niall Brown who is on his way to becoming a world champion.

This year mmadigital will be sponsoring rising star Niall Brown, a local Muay Thai Fighter who is working towards becoming the next world champion. Muay Thia fighting is the “Art of Eight Limbs” as it involves using 8 points of contact; fists, elbows, knees and shins. The sport originated in Thailand and requires a lot of discipline and skill to master. To succeed in the sport, Niall trains up to 30 hours per week with Grand Master, Sken Kaewpadung and will have been training for 6 years in July 2019.

Niall has already successfully won a number of bouts across the UK including;

  • Golden belt North West title 70kg
  • Golden belt English title 73kg
  • WKBA English title 74kg
  • ISKA English title 71.5kg
  • ISKA British title 72.5kg

In his spare time, Niall teaches a class on Muay Thai fighting at Master Sken Academy (MSA) in Stockport which mmadigital CEO, Dez Derry, attends as one of his students. Dez comments, “Niall has inspired me with the level of his dedication and what he’s achieved in a short space of time. We hope by sponsoring and supporting Niall, we can assist him on his journey to becoming the next Muay Thai fighting World Champion.”  

mmadigital look forward to supporting Niall at his upcoming events and encouraging him throughout this year. For more information about Niall and Muay Thai Fighting visit: