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January 9, 2013 1:33 pm

With the new year finally here it is time we shared our digital predictions for 2013.

2012 saw many brands focus on mobile and social. These were definitely dominant fields
throughout last year. And, with the London 2012 Olympic Games we saw a real emphasis
on the power of social media.

So, here are our top three predictions for 2013.

Looking beyond the ‘likes’

When it comes to social media we believe that it is time to look beyond the ‘likes’. Just
because certain brands and businesses have more likes than you doesn’t necessarily
mean that they are doing a better job when it comes to social media.

Having 50,000 likes but not engaging with one single customer is a bad move. This year
we predict that much more emphasis will be placed on engagement in social media. You
may have only a few hundred Twitter followers but it is how you respond to them that

Listening to the demands of the customer – mobile, mobile, mobile

As we have mentioned, 2012 saw mobile play a big part in how we enable our customers
to purchase and find out more. With the arrival of 2013 it is virtually impossible to escape
the need for mobile and responsive web design.

Imagine the world without the internet. Struggling? Well, soon your customers will be
struggling to imagine a world where they are unable to view a website in the right format
on their mobile phones.

Mobile is no longer about being ‘mobile’. We are using our mobiles to search even whilst
at home watching the TV. Understand your customer, know their habits and tap into it.
Your customer knows themselves better than you do. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Video set to play a bigger role than ever before

Video content is certainly a big player here. We predict that 2013 will see video playing a
bigger role in content than ever before. Social Media Examiner stated last year that video
was the No.1 field through which marketers plan to increase their investments. Online
video saw a rise of 12% last year and is continually growing.

YouTube has around 4 billion hits a day. All it takes is one decent video and 2013 could
be the year you go viral.

If you want to ensure that you are ahead of the game this year then speak to us. From
social media and video to web and design, we are here to make sure everyone knows
about you in 2013.

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