Major update to LinkedIn company pages force users to update more

April 7, 2014 11:17 am

LinkedIn, the social networking platform for professionals, has announced a major change to its company pages feature that will see the removal of the ‘products and services’ tab.

The tab has been a useful tool for a company’s presence on the ‘grown up’ social network for some time, detailing exactly what that company offers, especially if it’s not easily apparent. But from 14 April 2013 that feature will no longer be available.

LinkedIn say that instead page administrators can use:

  • Showcase pages to extend their company page presence by creating a dedicated page for prominent products and services.
  • Company updates which allow you to post regular updates to your company page that then appear in your followers’ news feed.

Our thoughts are that LinkedIn developers have had this plan in mind for quite some time.

Showcase pages launched last November in an attempt to separate a company’s corporate presence from their individual products. A law firm, for example, may offer a range of legal services that all have a very different audience. Rather than bombarding everyone with messages about all their products, followers of showcase pages only receive updates about the products they’re interested in. This might be particularly useful if a firm is trying to reach both consumer and business markets as quite often neither is interested in each other.

Company updates allow followers of the main page to receive updates regularly in their newsfeed. Updates will mostly be about corporate news but administrators can also use this feature to highlight a specific product from time to time. Good page administrators will already be updating their pages regularly, in much the same way they do with Twitter and Facebook, but this move forces the hands of those who aren’t updating their LinkedIn pages habitually.

While LinkedIn stands out from the crowd, allowing professionals to connect with each other away from the ‘blink and you miss it’ speed of Twitter and game requests of Facebook, it is still trying to keep up with the daily update element of those other social networking platforms. Let’s not forget also the added revenue this move will make LinkedIn. Showcase pages give companies increased options to advertise their presence to a wider audience and build their followers.

While LinkedIn may well be the platform of choice for lawyers the way it is used is becoming more and more like the standard social media offering we’re used to. This doesn’t mean LinkedIn will simply become another Facebook, but it does mean more time investment is needed to ensure your wider social media presence remains strong and you stay ahead of your competitors.

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