New features on LinkedIn mean even more opportunities for your business

October 18, 2011 3:56 pm

LinkedIn recently added the “Follow Company” feature that now reflects other social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This means you can post status updates, articles, photos, job openings, information about your company, and include a link.

Your followers will have the option to Like, Share or Comment on your status update, which will also be seen by all of your followers respective networks. This is turn will expose your company to a whole new and expanded audience.

Just as your company gets more exposure when one of your fans or followers share something on Facebook or Twitter, the same will be true for LinkedIn. So the need to get more followers for your company just became even more important!

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind about the “Follow Company” feature:

  • Followers of your company will see your Status Updates on their or by going to your Company’s “Overview” tab
  • Each follower’s network will also have an opportunity to see the posts – as long as the follower comments, likes, or shares
  • In order to post a Company Status Update, you must be an Administrator of your Company Page, and your Company Page must be set to “Designated Admins only”
  • Posts can be up to 500 characters
  • You will be able to see impressions and engagement on each Company Status Update.  An impression = views of the status update. Engagement = total interactions (comments, likes, clicks, shares). This data appears approximately 24 hours after an update is published and will continue to update on a daily basis
  • Businesses that post an excessive amount are subject to review by LinkedIn and could risk having their page deleted

We all knew that LinkedIn is where the professionals go to reach the key decision makers.  Now, it’s even more important to update your company profile and share content through status updates.

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