Legal lead generation platform

As specialists in the legal market we know one of the biggest bug bears and necessary evils in the industry are the CMCs. Legal firms have often said that they charge high rates for ‘vetted’ leads, but often half the leads are not valid and push up the cost-per-client even further.

Last year we used all our experience in digital marketing and technology to create a new innovative way of generating high quality leads for law firms

The disruptive platform allows us to use real-time lead conversion data direct from our members to create algorithms. These continuous learning algorithms place ads on digital channels in the most efficient positions, on the best performing times and days of each week in real-time. Thus, giving us efficiencies and accuracy like no other in this market.

As a Google partner we also have access to market data that a lot of businesses don’t, helping us stay one step ahead of our competitors.

The customer facing websites using this technology are optimised for conversions, using conversion testing, and perform at +115% higher conversion-rate than average lead generation sites.

The platform underpins each of the marketing collectives and related websites we have launched:

There are well-known mid-sized firms signed up to the collectives, who are already benefiting from better quality enquiries than they have been able to achieve either on their own or through CMCs.

Although we are a relatively young company, this has already proven to be a credible alternative to standard marketing collectives, with one panel member saying that they convert our ‘raw’ leads at the same rate as CMCs ‘pre-qualified’ leads.


If you would like to see one of our 30 minute online demos, showing what our technology can do for your firm, then please call us on 0161 452 0311 or use the booking form below.

We are so confident in our lead generation technology that we offer flexible contracts to fit your business.

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Marketing Collective(s) of Interest:

 Personal injury – The Compensation Experts / Clinical negligence – The Medical Negligence Experts / Divorce – The Family Law Experts / Contested probate – The Inheritance Experts / Motoring offences – The Motoring Law Experts / Employment disputes – The Employment Law Experts


What also sets us apart is that we work closely with our panel members to ensure that not only are they getting the volume of leads that they require, but also the quality. We have developed a synergistic approach between our panel and our marketing efforts, our dialogue with the panel allows us to precisely target the type of claims they are looking for.

Not only do we work with our panel when generating the leads, we also work with them once the lead has been generated. We have completed training sessions on handling raw leads and how to nurture them. This has been positive, not only for the firms as their conversion rate increases, but also our claimants are happy as our rating is at 96% (higher than some of the top CMCs). Our reviews can be found on Feefo.

Get in touch above to arrange a demonstration, or why not take a look at the marketing collective sites:

The Medical Negligence Experts website